Circus Cowboys

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The Circus Cowboys have been dealing with a silent deal killer for years now. A cowboy show with guns for children. While we never thought it would cause any problems with bookings and always presented our use of revolvers with education and safety messages, it is very evident to us that many potential clients have looked elsewhere for childrens theater because of this point alone. After a performance our show has only received positive feedback for its gun safety and World Champion gun spinning number, and this version will continue to exist for all the presenters interested.

gun free

For all the fence sitters - the Circus Cowboys now have a gun free version of the show Wanted!

We have reworked the show with our director adding a slap-stick sledgehammer number where the gun spinning act was. This version is still funny and dynamic, it simply no longer includes firearms of firearm safety messages.

Both shows are available in all versions, (festival, school, theater) with duration ranging from 20 minutes to an hour.

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