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The Cowboy Club is a continually expand area that will contain a lot of interesting information about cowboy and circus arts. It also includes this area that allow you the Circus Cowboy fan to leave your comments or questions.

Comments or Questions.

25 comment(s) on this page. Add your own comment or question below.

Sheriff Scott
10-2-2008 8:15am [ 1 ]

Welcome - Please feel free to express yourself.

13-2-2008 10:21am [ 2 ]

hey guys you were at my school memorial academy on guys were the best play we've ever had in our school. you were just like acrobats!!!It was amazing we hope to see you again someday!!!thanks for puting on a wonderful show!!!!!!! yee-ha

charlotte kean
13-2-2008 10:28am [ 3 ]

hi The show that you did was soo cool I loved it and my friends loved it I am going to tell a little bit about me,I am 9 years old and I am from NEW WEST VALLY I go to school in memorial academy and I have a big sister. will thats all from now bye

carly hoyles
13-2-2008 10:30am [ 4 ]

Heyy guys you`s are awsome....The frist time i saw you guys it was at memorial academy! I am in grade 4 and i am 10 years old i have a older sister named Chelsea she is in grade 8 and she is 13... i have 2 pets my cat is named Bella and my dog is named Shelby she is a chocolate lab...the show that i saw was "Wanted"I loved it.

well i got to go bye hope you write mye back soon

From: carly Danielle Hoyles

Rebecca Lynette Mouland
13-2-2008 10:31am [ 5 ]

hi today at my school our school memorial academy and lumsden watched your cowboy show it was funny.The evil laugh was a little scary at first but after it got funny mitchell and ocean too well i got to go hope you come again your # 1 fa rebecca

wanda-lee burton
13-2-2008 10:33am [ 6 ]

Hi,your show was was cool you came to your school.Do your go to a lot of school?All the thing you do must take a lot of pracet.The coolest part was when the bandet was all the pople and the cow.The show at the school was funny.Our school's name is Memorial Academy.come agen your #1 fan wanda-lee

Emily Mews
13-2-2008 10:33am [ 7 ]

Hi guys I loved the show!!!! I'm 10 years old and in grade 4, I live in New Wes Valley.I have a brother he's 7 and in grade 2.I love to climb on rocks near my house!My dad is a Pastor and my mom works at Keans Pharmasave!I have 3 fish and I used to have a dog named Shadow then he died then i got another dog named Jasper but he died to.Send me a E-mail and tell about yourself.

Shelly Dyke
13-2-2008 2:57pm [ 8 ]

I really enjoyed your show at Memorial Academy in New Wes Valley today. My Two girls said that the show was awesome.

13-2-2008 3:48pm [ 9 ]

Dear circuscowboys Today You came to our school Memorial Academy wesleyville Newfoundland and Labrador.It was a really good show.

Wanda-lee Burton
14-2-2008 7:41am [ 10 ]

Hi,HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!I loved your show it was so you like going to different placse to do your shows.How many do you to do back soon......!!!!!!!

      bye for now from,
         wanda-lee burton.
15-2-2008 8:07am [ 11 ]

Hi, Just wanted to congratulate you on a super show at Memorial Academy. The students and teachers really enjoyed it and there was a great message there too! Be safe with guns! Awesome!

16-2-2008 7:22pm [ 12 ]

your show was asweme i wood like to do that how did the bike hmmmm.

I worked with a coach for 2 years - a couple hours a day - every day. I took lots of practice and a special bike. The bike is an artistic bike from german sport bike.

Sheriff Scott

17-2-2008 11:35am [ 13 ]

i love your show?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

20-2-2008 5:24pm [ 14 ]

heyy nice show you where really cool thanks for visiting us at st. josephs all grade

Hannah Rideout
20-2-2008 6:09pm [ 15 ]

I really enjoyed your show today at St. Joseph's All Grade, Terrenceville. My question is: Are you brothers or related in any way?

Thank you again for such a great show.

No we are not brothers - just great friends! Really happy you enjoyed the show.

abigail farewell
20-2-2008 6:47pm [ 16 ]

hey guys today you were at my school it was the best!!!!

Ms. Malone-Wight's grade 2 class
21-2-2008 10:19am [ 17 ]

Thanks for putting on such a great show at the A & C Centre in St. John's. We loved when Sheriff Scott hid behind the cactus. We also had a good laugh when you stepped on the bandit's belly. Did the bandit really kiss you? The acrobatics were fantastic! Wow you can really ride a bike. Some of us would like to be a sheriff like you some day!


Grade 2 students at Holy Cross Elementary, St. John's

Yes, I am afraid to say that the bandit (to my credit he was disguised as a woman) did really kiss me We need more sheriffs... Glad to see the interest

Nicholas Rideout
23-2-2008 10:36am [ 18 ]
i really enjoyed your show at st.josephs all grade and you may of met me in the staff room .but my question is how do you get your partner to stand on you

Raph loves to stand on my head... I don't have to give treats or anything to get him up there. If your question was how do I balance him on my head... It takes a lot of practices and strength. I learned how to do it with coach at the National Circus School Sheriff Scott

Alexis Coombs
24-2-2008 7:54pm [ 19 ]

hey cowboys the show you put on at my school was great, i can't stop talking about it to all of my friends. you guys were awesome, i hope you come back again soon.......yeeeee haaaa

Timothy Wallace
4-3-2008 1:04pm [ 20 ]

Dear Circus Cowboys.

I am an English/Performance Student at Memorial University.

I was at MUN for your show a few weeks ago. I must tell you gentlemen it was top notch. You took the audience all over the place, with thrills, chills, spills, all the good stuff. I was very impressed with your acrobatic skill, as well as your feats of dexterity.

So, long story short, great show guys. Thanks much.

Julia Snook
4-3-2008 3:40pm [ 21 ]

Hi,You Guys Was At My School St.Josephs School And Your Show Wanted Was Awsome Man I Loved It !

Susan Beatty
2-4-2008 1:30pm [ 22 ]

Howdy! I saw your Wanted show at North Island Secondary School in Port McNeill, and I wanted to say that I really loved your costumes, and I thought that your characters were really cool. I got to teach Drama class right after the show, where a few of us practiced our evil laughs. Your show was really fun. Thank you so much!! Mrs. Beatty

tara koroll
2-4-2008 10:44pm [ 23 ]

Hey u guys rocked, you were at Robert Scott elem sch on wed the 3rd, i just loved the holster gun spinning ive gotta say ive never took sooooo many pictures of something in my life hahahah !!! you guys roked!!

from the mom on the side !!

George Markides
3-4-2008 5:56pm [ 24 ]

We had the Circus Cowboys at my elementary school this morning. They were a real hoot! eeh haa!! The students, staff, and parents were kept laughing and watching for over an hour. That is quite a feat. From the acrobatics, to the drama, to the dancing and rope twirling, Scott and Raphaël were true entertainers. Great Show.

28-1-2010 11:14am [ 25 ]

Hi you came to uor school in Debden we all had a good laugph.Well make more!!!

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