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June 4th 2008
Things have been busy for the last few months doing shows around Montreal, taking care of the new family and most recently a promo campaign in the French schools in Quebec.

Good news for all the people in Ontario. We will be showcasing at Ontario Contact. After the presenters in Ontario see how great we are they will be booking us all across your province.

There are going to be a few minor changes on the site in the next couple of weeks and new poster for Wanted is being created. Drop by to see the new changes.

March 21st 2008
The Circus Cowboys are now in British Columbia. We just finished 2 shows in Coquitlam and we are currently in Vanderhoof performing this evening.

Scott's baby 'Janelle' did arrive on time (March 3rd) and everything went exceptionally well.

Raph will be schmoozing with all the folks at Pacific contact while daddy returns for a week to support his family.

The first week in April we head off to the Island (Vancouver Island) for the first time and are performing shows for schools on the North of the Island.

Life has been quite eventful and we are happy to have a little bit of time in April to rest and enjoy the melting snow.

January 29th 2008
The Circus Cowboys are in Newfoundland. Feel free to take a look ate the map of our tour.

Raphael is off to IPAY convention in Tampa Bay, Florida, to promote the Circus Cowboys. While enjoying the warm January weather of the south he will be talking to presenters from all over North America.

For the month of February the Cowboys are paying there first visit to the Island of Newfoundland criss-crossing the province in a 3 week tour.

March Sheriff Scott's family will be growing. Baby please be born in between the NFLD and BC tour.

The last half of March (after the birth of Scott's 2nd baby xxx) we will be touring BC.

Stay tuned for more.