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The show "Wanted" was the first show created by the Circus Cowboys and in the past years we have performed this show in many different places in many different forms. The original version was created for the school environment. We are able to set up and perform it in gyms or other large spaces.

We later created another shorter version that was performed first at the Calgary Stampede. This version is faster paced keep the attention of people passing by. It is the perfect version to perform for festivals and on outside stages.

The show was further adapted for an all adult audiences for the Montreal Casino. This version is ideal for corporate events and adult parties with a western theme.

Finally we have a full version adapted for theaters including a lighting design and little nuances  that are only possible in conventional theaters.

gun free small

New for 2009, we have a gun free version of the show that can be preformed in any of previous variations. It has newly created content integrated within the same fun-filled plot and attaching characters.

Through out the years we have performed in so many different situation we are sure we can adapt this show for your event.

Yee haa!